floating bucket ladder dredgers


The floating bucket ladder dredger can move lengthwise, crosswise and pivoting, but the working direction is forward.

The downwards inclined bucket ladder is designed as a supporting structure on which an endless and sagging chain with mounted buckets rotates.

The dredging material gets scooped during the rotation of the buckets at the lower tumbler, gets transported in the upper strand of the bucket chain and gets discharged. The lower strand is free slagging and non-guided. After the buckets leave the water, a dewatering takes place by slots in the buckets. According to the forwading system after the bucket chain, a chute, a dewatering system or a pump system can be installed.

The bucket chain comes from the caterpillar technology, has a huge side stability and a long lifetime.

The dredging depth is limited by the length of the bucket ladder. At present, realistic dredging depths are up to 21 m, in exceptional cases up to 25 m.

The floating bucket ladder dredger can be used for deepening existing water surfaces.

Thanks to the stable chain guiding, the floating bucket ladder dredger can be installed in running waters.

The positioning of the floating bucket ladder dredger takes place by anchoring and mooring winches.


types of our floating bucket ladder dredgers



bucket ladder dredger-
bucket volume in litresbucket discharge time in 1/mincapacity in t/hpower of the bucket chain in kW
E1s 125 8-30 250 45/55
E2s 175 8-30 350 55/75
E3s 250 8-30 550 75/90
E4s 350 8-30 800 90/110


pictures of our floating bucket ladder dredgers



floating bucket ladder dredger

floating bucket ladder dredger


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