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floating grab dredgers type gantry


Our floating grab dredgers type gantry are suitable for middle-sized and big sand and gravel deposits.

The floating grab dredger type gantry consists of a gantry which is mounted on a closed pontoon-system. The gantry consists of a fixed and a hinged column as well as the crane runway on which a winch can move. At the holding and closing ropes of the winch the grab is fixed. The grab can be designed as a rope grab or as a hydraulic grab. The grab works inside a dredging hole of the pontoon-system.

The movement of the grab consists of lowering the opened grab to the ground, closing the grab, hoisting the grab to the end-position close to the winch, moving the winch over the tilting grid, opening the grab, discharging the material into the hopper and moving the grab back to its starting position over the dredging hole.


types of our floating grab dredgers type gantry


floating grab dredger-
grab capacity in m3dredging capacity in m3/h at 20 m depthmaximum dredging depth in mpower of hoisting gear in kW
B 140 4,2 180 45 170
B 160 5,0 210 70 240
B 220 6,0 320 80 300
B 240 6,8 360 80 300
B 300 8,0 410 80 400
B 340 10,0 480 80 520
B 400 12,0 530 100 625
B 550 15,0 600 100 780


pictures of our floating grab dredgers type gantry


floating grab dredger type gantry

floating grab dredger type gantry


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