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The semi-mobile screeners from Beyer can be used as a single machine or can be expanded to a full processing plant.

4 basic screeners are available, differing in the capacity:

  • screener MS 650 with a 650 mm wide belt conveyor
  • screener MS 800 with a 800 mm wide belt conveyor
  • screener MS 1000 with a 1000 mm wide belt conveyor
  • screener MS 1200 with a 1200 mm wide belt conveyor

The feeding hopper of all 4 plants has a capacity of about 7 m3. The feeding hopper can be equipped with a mechanical or hydraulical tilting grid. The hydraulic grid will be tilted by a remote control. The grid can be mounted horizontal or inclined at 25 or 40 degrees.

Underneath of the feeding hopper the dosing conveyor is fixed which feeds the material to the main belt conveyor.

The main belt conveyor feeds the material to the screening machine.

For screening 1-deck, 2-deck and 3-deck-screeners are available. The screeners can be equipped with spray nozzles for washing the material. The screening layers can be made of steel or polyurethan. The size of the screen reachs from 2 x 1 m up to 4,5 x 1,5 m.

Coming from the screen, chutes and hoppers feed the material to belt conveyors which either stockpile the material or feed the material to further equipment.

For further equipment screeners, crushers, log washers and paddle wheels are available.

For transportation the screener can be moved with its running axle on the site or loaded on a low loader.



pictures of our semimobile screeners:



screener MS 650
basic version

screener MS 650
2 belt conveyors and chute for oversized material

screener MS 650
screening directly under the screen
40 degrees tilting grid

screener MS 650
The oversized material gets crushed and fed back to the main conveyor of the screen

small wet processing plant consisting of a screener MS 650, paddle wheel and 2 belt conveyors


wet processing plant for sand and gravel

small wet processing plant consisting of 2 screeners type MS 650 with paddle wheel

small wet processing plant consisting of 2 screeners type MS 650 with log washer, paddle wheel and separator for light density materials with wedge wire screen

second screener type MS 650 from the above mentioned processing plant


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